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        Shaoxing Kaima Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd specializes in producing household electrical appliances. The products are compete in variety. The main products include: various motors for washing machines, spin-driers, kitchen exhausters, bathroom facilities, ventilating fans, electrical fans, air-conditioner fans, massage facilities, etc.
        In the last years, we insist on the enterprise principle of " Do pioneer work, keep on innovation, try to be the first", carry forward the enterprise spirit of "Go all out in the work, make unremitting efforts to improve ourselves", has accumulated rich experience in products development and manufacture. All the products have got the CCC certificate. The company has strong ability on new products development, and has advanced test devices, powerful technical force, reasonable layout of production. Its products are stable in performance and popular with customers. Several products have become the auxiliary parts appointed by many exported electrical appliances enterprise. The products are far sold to countries and regions such as Japan, America, Australia, Middle East, etc. The yearly output reaches 3 million pcs.
        In order to promote the development of the enterprise, create quality brand products and build a bright future. It introduces advanced equipments and devices, employs excellent technologists and controls prodcucts quality strictly, and thus ensures that it can satisfy customers with high quality products. We sincerely hope for your cooperation, and build a bright future together with you.
        2007-2008 ©Shaoxing Kaima Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd   P.C.:312467  E-mail:kaima@kaima-dq.com
        ADD:Changle Industrial Park, Shengzhou, Zhejiang  TEL:0575-83077838 83071838 83079838  FAX:0575-83078838
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